Learn with our fun mascots

These mascots are coming soon to our Yulean "online daycare"


Yuna is the leader of Yunaland Forest

Wizzy the Tree

Wizzy is Yuna’s best friend.

He teaches kindness, how to be a good friend, and how to be helpful.

Flighty the Hummingbird

Flighty flies around Yunaland forest going on adventures with the international children. Flighty is helpful and caring.

Gobby the Boy

Gobby teaches healthy lifestyle habits. Eating healthy, exercising and personal care. He struggles with resisting the not so healthy treats, and teaches the importance of balance.

Gorm the Cat

Gorm is naughty, and gets into a lot of mischief in the forest. He struggles with making the right choices. He teaches choices and consequences.

Shamelley- The Elesheep

Shamelley is a cross between an elephant and a sheep. Some of his forest friends think he looks strange. Shamelley is confident and accepting of others. He teaches that being different is ok and kool.


Zazzy is Gobby’s best friend. She loves to go on adventures to many different places. She invites us along to experience different cultures and people. She teaches respect for cultural differences.