program & vision statement

Our Program Statement

The mission of Yunaland Daycare is to nurture and enrich each child’s journey towards holistic development, going beyond simple supervision. We foster an atmosphere that maximizes psychological, emotional, and physical development by carefully crafting policies, processes, and continual staff training.
Establishing open and honest lines of contact with parents is fundamental to our strategy since it acknowledges them as vital collaborators in their child’s growth. We actively include parents in parenting activities that foster family unity while also promoting the development of their child.
In our inclusive center, diversity is celebrated and every kid is valued for who they are. Our intention is to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where everyone can feel included.
It is not negotiable to comply with the Child Care Early Years Act (CCEYA). We make sure that our care meets the highest standards of quality and safety by closely adhering to its rules and regulations. Our mission at Yunaland Daycare is to develop young brains and provide them with the tools they need to realize their full potential in a safe, encouraging setting.

​Our Vision

Our vision at Yunaland Daycare is to promote kids’ learning through fun and excitement. Our services are welcoming to all and reasonably priced, making sure that no kid is denied access to high-quality care. Our goal is to establish a “home away from home” atmosphere that gives parents and guardians comfort. In this environment, education is playful and encourages creativity and curiosity at every turn. Families can rely on us to provide a safe, joyful, and caring environment for their children. Come explore, grow, and discover endless possibilities with us at Yunaland Daycare, where every child’s journey is full of potential.